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one of the few instances in which authorities were able to seize drugs on both sides of the border, according to the ICE. The scale of the operation pointed to the work of a majo


t the campaign. According to the electoral law, before the second round on Sunday, Oct. 29 was the deadline for TV and radio debates and dissemination of free electoral propaganda,.


rkers could get home using mass transit. One Xinhua correspondent entered an East Side supermarket to discover not a single shopping cart or hand-carry basket available as queues .


ics and demonstrations by modern warbirds from the U.S. Air Force as well as by vintage planes from World War II. The highlight of the airshow, one of the top five air shows in th.


erusalem settlements Pisgat Ze'ev. "...we understand the total number of units has been reduced from the original plans we also understand that this is not a final approval for th.

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hird quarter, as fuel costs fell and revenue edged higher. Revenue rose 0.8 percent to 6.43 billion dollars. Operating expenses also rose 0.6 percent, but fuel costs fell 3.3 perce.

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andidate began to show signs of being severely depressed after winning the primary elections on June 30. "He has had all the necessary and timely medical attention, but there are .

s still alive," and launch terrorist attacks "because the FARC no longer has the capacity to fight our forces," said Santos. The Colombian government is now engaged in peace talks.

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