ding expanding the 15- member Security Council and improving its working methods. He also urged that drug traffickers be viewed as a real threat to peace and international securit.

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bserved in the country for half a century, but Cubans still can travel into and out of the country freely. To travel abroad, a Cuban citizen must suffer a winding net of limitatio.

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d one man in South Los Angeles over three decades. Thus far, at least 53 women have been identified, while 79 photos have been or are in the process of being removed from the LAPD .

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es of the International Red Cross, bishop Leonardo Gomes and two members of the CCP. Calvo was kidnapped on April 20, 2009 by the FARC during a clash with the rebels, since then he.

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0 State of the Union address, Obama pledged to double exports within five years through a national export initiative. Biden opined that one way to realize the potential of the rel.

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capital of the United States, March 31, 2011. Boehner on Thursday urged Senate Democrats to pass a bill or produce a credible plan to cut spending and keep the government running .

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tile Congress would try to cripple him on every single domestic issue. As president Obama has a much freer hand in shaping the foreign policy, but he could not afford shifting foc.

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ganized crime affect various economic sectors. As an example, he said there were alleged schemes to steal money "by preying on vulnerable Americans," including one by the Colombo c.

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iod to terrorism and drugs trafficking crimes. Addressing the People's Assembly (lower house of parliament), Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif called for an extension of the con.

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