a hospital run by Pemex, the only firm allowed to refine fuel in the country. De Leon said that Pemex's own civil protection staff had dealt with the incident, which is the usual.

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, authorities arrested three people in connection to the fire. ?Brazil announced the creation of an investigative committee to look into the causes of the fire. HAVANA, June 9 (Xinh.

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f possible violence. An announcement was originally scheduled for Thursday, but had been postponed until April 4, officials from the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) said. Feari.

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erest catastrophes ever in the country's history in recent weeks, as heavy rains in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro State in the Southeast triggered floods and landslides.

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ounce the winners later Sunday. Ecuador's eight presidential hopefuls and legislative candidates have been campaigning for a month and a half for the general elections with incumb.

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s once again demonstrated its commitment to build an electronic curtain of surveillance and censorship around its people," he said, asserting that the effort is "doomed to fail i .

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e said, adding that "We Chileans have shown the best of us." Describing the experience as "a wonderful night that Chileans and the whole world will never forget," Pinera noted that.

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pete with Apple's iPad. The company, which makes the popular Blackberry hand-held device, announced in December that its senior managers would be paid just one dollar a year until.

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dramatic out there, it's just really overrated," said 37-year- old Blair Kahn. The authorities has ordered the mandatory evacuation of about 300,000 people living in low-lying an.

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